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Oct 27, 2017

Vibrio Goes With the Flow

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Oct 05, 2017

Squid Ring

BPod, Biomedical Picture of the Day, shows an image from the September 5th issue of PNAS featuring research conducted by the McFall-Ngai and Ruby labs in collaboration with reserchers from the University of Southern California. 
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Sep 17, 2017

Cilia: 'The bouncer' of bacteria

New paper by USC Viterbi School of Engineering Professor Eva Kanso and Professor Margaret McFall-Ngai of the Pacific Biosciences Research Center at the University of Hawaii elucidates the active role of cilia in regulating flow for bacteria filtering.

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Aug 28, 2017

Profile - Margaret McFall-Ngai

Margaret is featured in PNAS talking about past, current and future work in her lab and how the squid-vibrio modell system participated in the current understanding of animal-microbe symbioses.
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Jul 31, 2017

Journal Club: Turning the Light On

Nature Reviews Immunology’s Journal Club selection for this month was Koropatnick et al. Science  2004. Richard Locksley, UCSF/HHMI, remembers how this article changed his concept of innate immunology

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Feb 05, 2017

Native Squid and Its Bacterium May Help Human and Environmental Health

Margaret and Ned are featured on Univerity of Hawaii News with an overview of the ongoing research at Kewalo Marine Lab. 
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